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Gross Incompetence – That We Have The Luxury Of Paying For

November 8, 2011

So we received a notice at my place of employment indicating we must re-register our company on an “approved vendor list”. Sounds easy enough. This is where the saga begins.

So our accountant attempts to register us, but is unable because she is “not the individual who set up the account”. So she contacts the help desk. They won’t speak to her because she’s not one of the “authorized points of contact”. She requests a list – which is provided – and it includes names of four people who no longer work here, and haven’t for a long time.

Upon mentioning there are no valid points of contact, she requests the help desk let us know who set up the account. They can not provide the name to her, and it is no doubt someone who no longer works here. The last time we were registered was over six – yes – six years ago.

So we are now required to register, but no one who still works here is allowed to register us. And even if we could hunt down he or she who set up the account, we can’t even find out who it was.

I, as well as all U.S. Taxpayers, are forking over our hard-earned money to ensure this process occurs. This is part of the Government’s efforts to be more transparent. The only thing that’s transparent is that there are too many dolts that need to find a new line of work, like fogging a mirror or converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.


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