1st Birthday Party

My little guy turned one about a week ago.  We had to push back his party to the 20th due to a friend of mine getting married.

We did the standard invites – e-vite, facebook, and verbal.  After all responses were received, we tallied up the totals shortly before the actual party.  110 “I’ll be there’s” and 30 “maybe’s”.  So we planned for about 130-140 people.  The number of people who actually showed up?  About 70.  And of that 70, around 20 of them stayed for an hour or less.  My wife and I spent close to $1,000 on this party between food, favors, alcohol, drinks, coffee, etc.  You only turn one once, right?

That being said, we are adults and our feelings will not be hurt if you cannot attend.  I’d rather you just say “no” from the get-go.  If you’re a Maybe or a Yes, you should probably think about the planning that has to go into a party, and have some respect for those throwing it.  We spent about $400 more than we needed to, and wasted at least 10 extra hours we could have used for something more valuable.  This is money not going towards our son’s college fund, and the time was spent not spend doing something “fun”.  We’re very busy and value our free time considerably.

The next time you’re invited to a party, grow a spine and just answer the question.  Maybe is a response for people who like to sit on the fence and don’t do anything for themselves.  Yes is a response that requires follow-through.  If you tell your boss “Yes, I will do that” and you don’t, you get fired.  If you say you’re coming, and don’t show, I consider that disrespect towards my son.  These people should be considered “fired” from future invitations.  Perhaps more people should heed this cautionary tale, and think about the negative effects of not being able to answer a simple question.

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3 Comments on “1st Birthday Party”

  1. Laura S. Says:

    In my old age, I’ve learned to follow the “3 strikes and you’re out” rule – and so far, it has worked for me. Sometimes, people need a mulligan, and then they sometimes need a second chance on top of that, but the third time, they are playing you for a fool and they could care less about you, your son, or the time and money you put into your party.

  2. Eric Coble Says:

    You spent 1k on a one year old BD party and your complaining that adults did not show. A few real friends, family and a cake would have been more realistic and more fun. The other $900 could have gone to a cause of greater import. You have only yourself to blame.

    And then you have the temerity to complain about it on your blog. Whose gutless?

    I actually came to the site thinking I would find something interesting, but no, just another reason why our country is failing.

    My heart goes out to you. you poor poor soul.

    • Hi Eric, my apologies for the delay. I wanted to reply to your comments.

      While I agree that’s a lot to spend on a party, the primary reason for the high cost was the intended number of people. We chose to invite a lot of people because your child’s 1st birthday party is typically very important, and we felt that should be the case with ours as well. We didn’t expect so many people to agree to come. Dividing the cost by the number of people will net out the same on a per person basis. If we only had ten “accept”, it would have cost around $100. I’m assuming you don’t have kids, or you would not see what we did as excessive. We went by the information that was conveyed to us, and that information was wrong. As with any decision, you can only go by the data that’s provided to you.
      In hindsight, I do agree with you. We should have only invited close friends and family. Then again, the impetus for this post was to show the mistake that we made.

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