Road Trip – RIP

I recently got back from a road trip of sorts with my wife and son.  We went out to Indiana from Philadelphia to see my newly-minted 1/2-step-nephew twice removed (or something like that).  The drive out there was atrocious.  We hit at least a dozen construction zones, about ten of which were inactive.  Obviously our Government has a ton of money to start projects, but no money to actually fund any of them.  The roads were all fine, and I didn’t see any power lines or fiber optic cables being put in.  It was just a bunch of orange cones left out because no one wanted to remove them.

The most enjoyable construction-induced traffic jam occurred shortly after we entered the paradise known as Ohio.  Nothing for miles except over-sized over-weighted semi’s and dump trucks, and people with barely enough cranial nerve activity to tie their shoes.  For some reason unknown to thinking hominids, this wondrous state decided to close one lane of a two-lane road for the better part of 100 feet.  This caused a 20-mile backup, took over 3 hours to get through, and was there for no sensible reason that I could discern.  I’m debating sending the state of Ohio a bill for our gas that was wasted sitting on that pathetic excuse for a road.  Thanks to our 3+ hour delay, we also got to Cincinnati just in time for the heart of rush hour.  Tack on another hour.  All in, it took us about 15 hours to get to the mecca known as Columbus, Indiana, so I could hang out with some very bizarre religious zealots for the day (yes, I know, bizarre and religious zealot in the same sentence is redundant).

On the way back, we decided to go 100 miles out of our way to avoid the train wreck (no pun intended) that we took on the way there.  It saved us at least 2 hours, probably more.  Needless to say, I won’t be venturing westward toward the flat cornfields of the Midwest any time too soon.

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